Why we use mostly Generation 3 image intensifiers in Recoil and what is the difference between GEN3 and GEN2?

What tube manufacturers you have?
We use either Harder or Photonis tubes.

What services do you offer?
We can repair, maintain, purge and clean, modify or upgrade most common types of night vision devices

What would damage my night vision device?
Intense warm light and IR light sources such as older non-LED car lights (close range) or an IR laser will most likely do permanent damage to your night vision device.

Are there any restrictions buying these as a civilian in the European Union?
As a citizen of a country within the European Union and being in the EU, you can purchase any device without exception from us. Please check your local laws as some countries prohibit the use or ownership of some night vision devices.

Can night vision devices be exported?
All devices can be sold to anyone within the European Union without any paperwork required. However, there might be paperwork required by your own country if you re–export your device (including a just a hunting trip to another country). Please check your local laws regarding those rules and applying paperwork.

Where are you located?
We are located in Estonia in the northen side of the European Union

How long is warranty for your products?
Two years.